Woodys started in 2012 to provide fun, beach-ready products made from wood and bamboo. Woodies motto is ‘See you at the beach!’ because what’s more fun than a spontaneous beach trip? The excitement and anticipation of a beach road trip is like nothing else.

Woodies products are simple. They sell sunglasses, watches, and a few other items, and they all fit into a certain theme. They Focus on customer service: They haven’t had a single negative review in 2 years.

Also in being e genuine and tell a good story:
In the beginning, they tried to build a brand utilizing celebrity exposure (checkout Kendall Jenner in all our photos) but one day they realized that they should tell their real story. its founder traveled to 30 countries and wear a captain’s hat everyday, He should share what that’s like! (WoodiesUSA – follow me!), it’s a completely unfiltered look into the Woodies lifestyle through the eyes of its founder, your Woodies captain.